Leominster HealthAlliance Hospital Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy



It is the policy of Leominster HealthAlliance Hospital (HA) to promote the health, well being, and safety of the patients, visitors, and employees while on the Hospital campus. Tobacco is a proven health and safety hazard, both to the tobacco user and nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke, carrying very serious health risks. It has been proven to be the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and is inconsistent with our healthcare mission.

HA has been smoke-free for several years. HA will begin hiring only candidates who commit to a nicotine-free lifestyle effective on January 1, 2015. All new hire candidates will be tested for the presence of nicotine in their systems as part of the new hire physical exam. If the presence of nicotine is detected in the candidate’s system, the job offer will be rescinded and the candidate may reapply in three months for available positions.

HA will be one of the first hospitals in Massachusetts to institute such a policy. Other health care systems that have policies like this one include Anna Jaques Hospital, Carroll Hospital Center, Mercy Memorial Hospital System, among others.



Tobacco product: Items made entirely or partly from the leaf of the tobacco plant and “manufactured to be used for smoking, sucking, chewing or snuffing” (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Article 1).

Tobacco use: Includes smoking, sucking, chewing or snuffing any tobacco product.

Tobacco-free Policy: Prohibits tobacco use in all areas of a designated location, both indoors and outside.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effective date of this new policy?

HA will begin screening all candidates for nicotine who have been extended a conditional offer of employment that would begin after January 1, 2015.

How is this policy different from the current smoke-free policy?

Smoking on HA owned premises is already prohibited. Now, smoking and tobacco use for new-hires will not be tolerated at all.