For Your Financial Stability

This plan provides salary continuation of 60% of your eligible weekly pay to a weekly maximum of $1,250 when you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  This plan is available to employees; the premium for this plan is 100% employee paid.
This plan provides benefits of 60% of an employees regular pay with a monthly maximum of $10,000 ($15,000 for senior management) and becomes payable after 180 days of disability.  The premium for this plan is 100% employer paid; no election into this program is required.
This plan provides coverage equal to one time of your annual salary.  The coverage for managers is two times annual salary.  The premium for this plan is 100% employer paid; no election into this program is required, however, employees must complete a beneficiary election for this coverage.
You may purchase additional life insurance for yourself (up to 4 times of your annual salary), your spouse (up to $50,000) and for your dependent children (up to $10,000).  
HealthAlliance makes available a 403(b) defined contributions savings program, administered through Fidelity Investments.  This is a tax-deferred, defined contribution type of savings vehicle which is governed by the Internal Revenue Code.  After completion of two years of service (one year at HealthAlliance Home Health and Hospice), you are eligible to receive the HealthAlliance Matching contribution upon your enrollment into the plan.  You must contribute a minimum of 2% to be eligible for the Employer Matching Contribution.  You are immediately 100% vested in the employer and employee contributions in the Hospital plan.  Please refer to the HealthAlliance Home Health and Hospice plan document for the vesting schedule for company contributions.  Newly hired employees are automatically enrolled with a 3% deferral election of their annual salary.  Employees may change this percentage at any time.  
CollegeBound fund makes it easy to begin saving for your child’s education.
Workers’ Credit Union offers discounted financial services and products to all employees.
Saves time by automatically depositing your paycheck into your bank account(s).  Employees have the option of depositing their money in up to four different accounts and/or banks!  Your money will get to the bank even when you can’t.  You can avoid worrying about checks being delayed, lost or stolen.  HealthAlliance has mandated use of direct deposit for all employees.  We are paperless: all employees can view their pay stubs and elected benefits online.